Peter Weber Responds to Kelley Flanagan’s Confessions About Their Breakup – E! Online

Kelley not too long ago hinted that she’s not solely single and has been on a number of dates with a person who is not wrapped up within the leisure world. A supply previously told E! News, “She turned down Bachelor in Paradise because she is dating someone.”

As for Peter? He’s struck up a brand new partnership…with TaskRabbit. The actuality TV persona says his collaboration with the model occurred organically.

“I just actually put up bookshelves in my room. Kind of as a joke I was like, ‘OK guys, check me out on TaskRabbit’ as a joke, then TaskRabbit reached out to me,” Peter shares. “It was pretty organic. It’s kind of funny like that, they reached out and told me what they were thinking with the concepts, and I was like, ‘Hey why not?’ And it is a cool little thing to do to be interactive with the fans as well and put my skills to the test.”

He’s truly already helped out an NYC resident, who wanted an additional hand with placing up bookshelves and curtains.

“I was able to surprise her as well though with a nice big IKEA blue bag that IKEA got her a bunch of household items,” Peter raved, including, “and got to surprise her with that, got to surprise her with a nice little rose.”

It appears like Peter has gone from The Bachelor to the builder!

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