Scott Disick Skips Kardashian-Jenner Easter Celebration for Miami Trip With Amelia Hamlin – E! Online

So what do Scott and Kourtney consider the opposite’s relationship? Back in November, a source informed E! News, “Kourtney doesn’t care who Scott dates as long as it keeps him happy and busy,” with the insider noting Scott is “at his best” when he is “able to find a balance between dating and family time.” 

And in January, a supply informed E! News Scott thinks Travis is a “great guy” and that “he’s really happy for Kourtney.”

“Kourtney and Scott are in a great place, and they have come to terms that they are strictly friends and co-parents,” the latter source added. “There’s no romance there, and he couldn’t be happier that she’s moved on. As long as the kids are in a healthy situation and Kourtney’s in a good place, then Scott is happy for them.”

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