Where Do Things Stand Between MDLNY Rivals Ryan Serhant & Fredrik Eklund Ahead of Season 9? – E! Online

But based on Fredrik, their dispute nonetheless has not been absolutely resolved as of Apr. 2021. “We’re supposed to be friends and yet here we are again, fighting,” Fredrik mentioned. We simply are who we’re, and we’re very aggressive.”

Yet it is that competitors that forges a shared deep love and respect for each other—regardless of any momentary feud. “I told him that as much as he annoys me sometimes, I thank him,” Fredrik admitted. “As much as we go head to head, we are making one another more successful because we are competing. We are almost like two planets circulating, orbiting one another. Look at us 10 years later: we’ve become these two mega-teams, mega-brokers, selling iconic real estate at some of the biggest price points. We did it completely separate but kind of together.”

Fredrik referred to as their friendship “very complex and multilayered” earlier than thanking MDLNY for being a kind of “elevated therapy” for the 2 of them.

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